For Jail Gail


When I laid hurting,
You comforted me,
You gave me respite,
and the healing salve
of friendship.
You shared with me
your most precious gift,
the universe of yourself,
a kindness
I shall not forget.

And now
You have embarked
on that next journey
without us,
beyond time and space
and all that seprates us.

Buen viage Amiga
Amiga viage Buen

Catch you again
on the next spin
my friend.

Barra de Navidad

How Civilizations Disappear


I’m walking down the road

under the dazzling, blazing sun

shining down on everything

and I see all the exploited dust

resting on every leaf and post

kicked up from the times before dinosaurs

when ancient beetles and other insects

bored geometric patterns

unmolested.upon the earth.

Spirals and circles within

spirals and circles,

amid all those cubes,

hexagons and other recurrent themes

that dust displays,

cities and nations built up on pitch black nights

before the last before

while the leaves

rattled above,

and no one was looking,

and there was no road,

and no one was walking along it..


My gaze follows the lines

between mountains and sky

rising and falling along the horizon

over which all things must pass.

It follows the limbs of trees

corkscrewing into the infinite between

and the paths of birds flying over.

It traces the unwavering attentions

of cattle for grass,

each in it’s own prickly patch,

accompanied by anxious attendant egrets

awaiting their own special prizes

beneath the cloven hooves..


A jagged wire maintains the community of the herd,

sharp and unforgiving,

which cannot be breached,

an artificial line temporarily

running along the road

While an occasional

dump truck roars by,

hauling the ashes of dead galaxies

and all lives dead and gone

in a billowing cloud

that sucks the air out of your lungs as it passes

before settling on new artifacts,

discarded plastic bags,

old shoes, cigarette butts,

bits of broken glass,

bones and pottery from other forgotten civilizations,

and the line of footprints behind me,

disappearing a multitude of sins,


all that Kali hath left in her wake.




Child Of The Dawn


And so the mottled child forlorn

wanders in from his journey home,

out of the soothing patter

of a warm rain

that fell across last night unrestrained.

Where have you been?

I ask him standing

in that light streaking

from between clouds and moments now breaking.

All the while silent answers flow

unhindered from his sodden features.

From somewhere deep inside the identity

of bone and stone,

being love and washing fear,

out of time’s dark narrow funnel.

From a place preceding sight,

through which all things,

both suffered and enjoyed,

must pass, coming and going,

all matter, dreams and light,

cosmic dust, water and smoke.




Spring Fires


The clouds in the east

are only a false promise of rain today,

but the jasmine has begun to bloom outside my door,

and above, the intense pale green

of emerging leaves graces the tree.

There is a hint of grass smoke

from the spring fires burning in the hills,

and an unseen wren is singing a sweet song,

“Where is love, where is love – surely not far away”,

waiting for the drought to end.



Small Storm


A small storm rages in the dead of night

Not tearing at the limbs of trees in the darkness

Not raging in the swirling sky above

But within these compound walls

Of stone and skin

In a windowless room

Unseen Un-named uncategorized

An unknown tumult

In a wordless dream

In an unbound stream

I wrap my spindly arms about these howling winds

And bow deep into the spiral eye to see

The quiet peace The invisible heart

In the loving protection of your outstretched fingers

In your open hand

Before the sun has risen.