I Go Outside


I Go Outside


I go outside

looking for those non-words

that speak lizards crisscrossing the dirt

and dogs barking in the distance

and little birds that can’t sit still for a second

flitting about between the trees

that shift positions as

I rock from one foot to the other.


I’m on my way now

I’m distracted, protracted and slightly disgusted,

I’m hunched over on two wheels,

sun lit and full of the fragility ability.

I ride my bicycle over grains of sand, pebbles,

mountains and small creatures I can’t even see.

Microorganisms, amoebas, plants, fish, animals,

even birds flying high across the celestial sky.

All those organisms organizing,

all those atoms and molecules coalescing together,

even humans. (we are so vain)

I’m moving my legs up and down, left and right,

listening to that sound,

that whomp, whomp, whomp rhythm

of everything going round and round and round,

singing and spinning through space.

I’m makin revolutions and revelations,

palpitations, inhalations and exhalations,

spinning my wheels to make my deals

at the tienda of love and infinite abundance.

I’ve come to buy ice and bread,

tortillas and chile sauce,

orange juice, potatoes and candy,

conversation and commiseration

with all those busy people waiting politely in line

in between cooler with beer, coca-cola and cheese.

until it’s my turn to make my purchases.

On the way back there’s a bunch of wild children

runnin’ and smilin’ and wavin, as I pass by

and I wave back and ride all the way back home.


That’s what was happening outside my house,

outside my yard,

outside my mind today,

out there with all that death and destruction,

outrage and corruption, drug violence,

nuclear proliferation and climatic degradation

we hear about every day on the news.

But not today. Not at this eternal moment.

Today Armageddon passed us by.

Today we just had some small awakenings

and a group of little girls smiling and waving

from the sidewalk,

and that made me very happy.



Barra de Navidad

When Our Long Dormancy Has Ended


When Our Long Dormancy Has Ended


When our long dormancy has ended at last

and first light enters the cracks

of the chrysalis of the dark night,

as hearts and wings flutter above the shards

in the dewy dawn with streaks of vivid color and song

filling the empty spaces of darkness and silence,

left in the wake of the death of all fear and form,

there I will find you once again,

wrapped in the blanket of the pure innocence

of that moment

when all our pasts have fallen away

and love emerges anew.



The Swelling


The Swelling


It comes on like a wound,

a twist, with hot blood surging around it,

that swelling of the heart

which feels as if it must surely burst.

It must have been winter dormant then,

encased in ice just a moment ago.

A bud sleeping. A vision,

waiting for the exact moment that is correct.

And then, there it is,

a catch in the throat,

upon seeing something of such

extraordinary beauty,

so profound, important

that all else fades away..

The first pale greenness of a new leaf.

The bursting of a flower.

The sweetness of the fruit on the tongue.

A child’s smile.

A mother’s love.

A sunrise or sunset.

That which is worth more than anything.

True happiness unbound

that waters the eyes uncontrollably.

That which when we focus upon,

we become.

The swelling of new life

in the very heart

of the Universe within

and without.



Tuning In


Tuning In


I sweep my radio dial

I cast my net

I spin my wheels

I fire rockets into deep space

probing the Universe

for secret stations hidden in pirate coves

with light glinting off moving water like molten gold

that might play your favorite tune

I swivel my antenna,

turn my rabbit ears

this way and that

in every direction

I submerge my receptors

into the deep waters of the river of life

diving deeper than I ever have before

I wash my soul and brush my hair

to increase my receptivity

My conductivity

My nativity

My connectivity

between two or more points (you and I)

I flip my switches all to on

I climb high to the tops of trees

to engage each leaf

to each stem

to each branch

to the core

and down through the roots

searching, always searching,

only to be told that

“This site cannot be reached”

Warning (FEAR)


So I wait for the bars to rise again

one, two, three, four, five

“You are about to open a data connection which may

result in data traffic and related costs”

cancel      OK

(may involve pleasure or pain)

but of course,

I choose “OK”

because thus is my desire

to connect, to hook up,

establish a secure connection,

to dance the dance of life,

to walk home again

with you (my love – my heart)


Barra de Navidad