The Ģreen City


The day after the rain,

the multitude bursts forth,

a tangle of green uncoiling

from seeds awaiting,

hidden, unnoticed in the dust,

now black with moisture and fecundity.

The expanding universe spills forth,

an explosion of life and love,

a frenzy of creation,

multiplying, dividing,

fractal by fractal,

twisting and writhing,

pushing and shoving,

filling every available space,

until it becomes

a jungle, a maze of flora, a green city,

climbing in the rush hour traffic

of twining stem and leaf reaching

towards an unobtainable sun

as roots probe deeper and deeper into the earth

in an unrelenting struggle

for survival,

for moisture and food and light,

all flowing in the direction of

less into more,

simplicity into ever more complexity,

until it is no longer sustainable,

no longer supportable,

and the flower has bloomed

and then wilted

and the water is gone,

and it all ends

and everything has turned brown and shriveled

and all the seeds have fallen

into to the dry emptiness

of the dust of ancestors

to await the rain as one,

all because

love comes so much more easily

to the simple minded.



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