Magical Planet


O sweet magical planet,

misfit child,

so different from all others we know of,

our temporary abode,

spinning singularly in the vastness

of this sea of burning galaxies.

Is any other

as dear or as rare as thee?

Who could imagine anything

more intricate, more miraculous, more wonderous

than the stream of life that flows continuously

from your sparkling jeweled womb?

Your love,

your gift to be cherished and adored,

and yet,

naught but a spell, a trick,

a flicker in the mirror of the night,

a web spun of light

for those who would be caught

with the temerity,

or foolishness

to believe they could own or rule such beauty,

or even destroy it for their own gain,

never realizing

that it is only an illusion,

a mask veiling that which is

far more precious,

more powerful, more impervious,

more dangerous, more lovely

than anything that can be grasped.

The soul of the magician,

the eternal soul of all.



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