Into The Hum


As I lay in my bed

listening to all the sounds about me,

filling the moment,

the thrum and buzz of billions of night creatures,

insects, frogs, lizards, birds,

the rustling of leaves in the breeze,

softly bringing the coolness of night air,

the occasional car or truck or motorcycle

passing by up on the road,

and the resonance of every other sound in the universe

from no matter how far away,

vibrating through space,

from perhaps light years away,

until reaching these insignificant ears,

soft and low,

nearly imperceptible,

like a barely whispered song

between lovers across town,

I hear the sound of my own breath,

in and out,

and my own heart beating,

along with every other heart,

along with your heart,

out into that heavenly choir

without any conscious effort of my own,

into that great hum……………….


into the distance

from which it has come.



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