Space Case


I drive this vehicle

on two legs,

down all the paths of my life.

Down the road to the store

and to where the bus stops

and all the places I’ve never been.

Stepping every step,

seeing all the things

caught in the headlights

and thinking all thought it thinks,

speaking and listening,

eating and farting,

and sitting in the shade

on hot afternoons with cool drinks.

All the things these vehicles

are capable of.

This heart, these lungs, these arms and legs,

this imagination, this haughty ego,

all on temporary loan

from our universal mother

for traversing this stoney realm

with all its roaring traffic and perilous pitfalls,

over the hill and ’round the bend.

Burning the stars

and blowing the wind.

To know the joy and pain

of love within,

riding this space case as long as it lasts,

beyond the end of all that’s been,

all the way home.



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