The Birth of the Universe


On that borderline

between the forces of negative and positive,

is where that terrible spark occurs.

It’s where the first beginning began.

Running to catch the bus,

pebbles rolling along a stream,

birds singing in the morning dimness,

drinking beer and laughing on a street corner

while a million computer screens burn

on desktops built for one.

It was all new then.

Well, there’s a first time for everything,

and that even goes for the first time,

because until that very spark occurred,

there was no before.

There was no after.

There wasn’t a blessed thing.

That very spark,

when it finally happened,

was, in fact,

the very first moment,

and it has never ended.

Everything we and it is,

is that short-circuit.

It’s making one hell-of-a-whap.

and it’s still whapping.

Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap,

in every beat of your heart,

every thud you make, every whimper.

What will come of it all?

We’ll just have to wait for the dust to settle

to find out.

But wait a minute,

some voice coming out of the haze pipes up..

Where’d the forces of positive and negative come from

so they could come together and go pZZZZZZZZZZZZt?

It’s the old chicken and egg thing again

Such a logical question. Has to be human.

They think they have to know everything…..

Well, they must have started acting up too, naturally.

You have to expect a lot of confusion

in the middle of an explosion.

Maybe it’s an accident? Must be.

Only a human would mess with perfection.

It’s circular, of course.

Most of these blasts are,

or rather spherical.

A bit oblong, really.

There’s an inside and an outside….

I can see it!……..I can see it!

It’s coming. It’s here.

Everything gives birth to itself.


Ingenius if you ask me.

Isn’t that a bit painful? I hear you ask.

Of course it is, but it’s one-hell-of-a thrill too.

Kind of like jumping off a zillion meter high cliff

into a mud puddle.

Whoa Baby!!!

When you create duality,

you’ve gotta take the bad along with the good.

If you don’t like fire,

don’t play with matches.

and if you don’t stick that thing into an electrical socket,

it’ll never light up, guaranteed.

Now don’t blink, you might miss it.

You don’t want to spoil it.

Oh shit! It’s Clive Butters with a smartphone!,


Here we go!


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