How vulnerable we all are

behind the illusions of our certainty.

Our trust that

our regular incomes and bank accounts,

the value of our money, is inviolate.

That food will always be available.

That there will always be clean water to drink.

That the walls of our houses are impenetrable.

That all our precautions and preparations are sufficient

to keep us from harm.

That we won’t be run over if we cross the street.

because we are careful and lucky.

That our trust in the stability of our governments

and other human hierarchies

is justified, no matter where we live.

That our beliefs that

our knowledge, our abilities, our judgement,

our health, our goodness,

our religions,

our ways of life

and our self importance

are unquestionable,

better and stronger than those of others,

and will see us through

because we see that we are still here,

and we are separate and superior.

than those who fail.

Is all this then just a hoax?


Nothing but absurd superstition?

Are we then to live in fear then,

that our once in a lifetime debut

into the arena of actuality,

this world,

is but that of a piece of straw borne by the wind,

that could be swept away

in a moment’s chance?

Shouldn’t we then

build bigger fortresses around ourselves?

Double our defenses,

including the defense of offense?

Strive to rise above all others

as our fears have led to believe

is necessary in a dog eat dog world?

……….Or shall we accept,

in humilitude,

the paradox

that love is is the only possible explanation,

for our presence and preservation here,

that we cannot exist without it,

and that it cannot exist without us,

because love needs an other.



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