who are my compass, my spirit,

who guides me through this amazement

even without my knowing,

Who leads me to drink the sweet water

that flows so freely from your breast.

Who nourishes me with the flesh of your being.

Who widens my eyes

that I might glimpse you

in all of the faces that pass before me,

in all the stars in the heavens above,

in the beauty of a sunset over the sea,

or a majestic mountain shrouded in mist,

in a single blade of grass,

or a flower blooming against all odds

in the midst of desolation,

or in the tears of a child

in need of your embrace

as I have also needed,

now through me.

You of so many names,

who has given me the breath of life,

that I might return it to you

and abide in your heart,

in your love,

and recognize you in my own.


Russell Rosander

4/7/16  El Aguacate, Jal, Mx



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