Seeds Awakening


Once the ovule has been sparked

and the coil sprung,

and the seed has separated

from the past’s dying blossom,

it has lain in my hand

in a state of profound dormancy

waiting for the soil,

and for the precise moment

of it’s awakening,

which can only occur

when all the surrounding conditions are correct,

when the breath of the air

is neither too hot nor too cold,

when the sun and the moon have reached

their optimal positions,

and when it has absorbed sufficient water

for the flow to continue,

and the secret to be again unlocked,

for it’s cells to continue to multiply

and form the patterns of it’s ancestors,

combining and transforming

the darkest matter of the earth mother

and the unformed luminous spirit of the sun father

into living flesh,

the miracle of creation divine,

mirror of myself and yourself

awakening also

to kiss

those exquisite petals of love and joy



Russell Rosander

3/5/16 El Aguacate, Jal, Mx


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