The Great Escape – Part Sixteen


We seek deliverance from all pain

We seek the end of all suffering

We seek peace.

We seek paradise.

We have looked for it all

in aspirins and ashrams,

heaps of lotto tickets.

In better jobs and neighborhoods.

In discotheques and bars.

In sex, marriage and Disneyland,

racetracks, bank vaults,

hardware stores,

political parties,

corporate leadership,

and numerous sessions of the United Nations.

We’ve searched for it

in wilderness, in lovely tended gardens

and in garbage dumps.

In fancy restaurants with ambient atmospheres,

soaking in jacuzzies behind

thick walled villas with razor wire

and in cardboard shanties on muddy hillsides in tropical rains.

Even in the depths of the sea

and in deep space with robotic eyes probing

the darkness beyond.

We have sought it in animal rights organizations,

human rights organizations,

police stations, courthouses,

political parties, world wars, computer technology,

medical laboratories, libraries, dentist’s offices,

bottles of whiskey and shock therapy.

We have used

chemical fertilizers, antibiotics,

mosquito repellents,

illicit drugs,

genetic manipulation,

convenience store robberies,

believing in ghosts,

rubbing the bellies laughing buddhas

and worshiping rows of crucified Christs sitting on shelves

with solemn promises of redemption and life eternal

on their bleeding sawdust lips.

This is our obsession, our addiction, our fear,

our desire…………to escape all life’s

adversity, pain,

problems, loss and death

leaving only the joy………

and it has brought us to the edge,

the abyss, the destruction of our world,

global suicide,

and still it evades us.

It’s just phenomenon happening,

It’s just us, figuring it out.

how to live in it.

There’s nothing to escape,

there’s no place to go,

except here,

In the midst of all this suffering and joy,

in the flow of the universe



it’s only temporary.


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