The Insignificant


Where is the ordinary,

the mundane, the boring,

the everyday washload of dishes

in the sink of my despair?

The weeds that grow in

the imagined pristine purity

of my garden?

The garbage pail that needs emptying

so regularly?

the window that need wiping to see

the path that needs sweeping?

the walk to the store

for the thousandth time?

The cooking of the meal for the millionth,

seemingly so distant from

the glories of the heavens,

those distractions of our minds,

the constant search for relief

from our suffering and pain

and the pursuit of pleasure or happiness

which leaves us so surprisingly empty,

asking, “Where is this reward?”

when it has passed.

I seek these,

these most insignificant moments

situated in the crevice

between darkness and light,

because there, I have heard,

is found the wellspring of our lives eternal

running so prosaically

from the kitchen tap,

neither sublimely nor miraculously,

where no one would expect it,

the simple truth of our being,

in motion,

flowing through us

in the service of life and love.

4/17/16 El Aguacate, Jal, Mx

Wandering Souls


There are souls

travelling aimlessly

on the paths of wanderers.

Without possession or guile,

at one with the elements,

they slide from one to the other,

Becoming this and then that.

Invisible in this wilderness of eyes,

they watch in disbelief

as they stumble unseeing

amidst the refuge.

How long they have denied themselves

the love they sought.

How far they have come to escape it.

Broken, they lie along the path

shorn of all volition.

I wonder how long they must wait

before they can heal

and rise up again

from those trash filled urns

to search the roads of their desire

for the doors of their emergence

once more in every grain of sand.

Now the bus is full again

and I shall not be deceived.

sitting there across the aisle,

I see you rub your weary feet

before you deviate and depart

when the next stop arrives.

How else can we be released

from this circuitous route we ride?


El Aguacate, Jal, Mx



How vulnerable we all are

behind the illusions of our certainty.

Our trust that

our regular incomes and bank accounts,

the value of our money, is inviolate.

That food will always be available.

That there will always be clean water to drink.

That the walls of our houses are impenetrable.

That all our precautions and preparations are sufficient

to keep us from harm.

That we won’t be run over if we cross the street.

because we are careful and lucky.

That our trust in the stability of our governments

and other human hierarchies

is justified, no matter where we live.

That our beliefs that

our knowledge, our abilities, our judgement,

our health, our goodness,

our religions,

our ways of life

and our self importance

are unquestionable,

better and stronger than those of others,

and will see us through

because we see that we are still here,

and we are separate and superior.

than those who fail.

Is all this then just a hoax?


Nothing but absurd superstition?

Are we then to live in fear then,

that our once in a lifetime debut

into the arena of actuality,

this world,

is but that of a piece of straw borne by the wind,

that could be swept away

in a moment’s chance?

Shouldn’t we then

build bigger fortresses around ourselves?

Double our defenses,

including the defense of offense?

Strive to rise above all others

as our fears have led to believe

is necessary in a dog eat dog world?

……….Or shall we accept,

in humilitude,

the paradox

that love is is the only possible explanation,

for our presence and preservation here,

that we cannot exist without it,

and that it cannot exist without us,

because love needs an other.




who are my compass, my spirit,

who guides me through this amazement

even without my knowing,

Who leads me to drink the sweet water

that flows so freely from your breast.

Who nourishes me with the flesh of your being.

Who widens my eyes

that I might glimpse you

in all of the faces that pass before me,

in all the stars in the heavens above,

in the beauty of a sunset over the sea,

or a majestic mountain shrouded in mist,

in a single blade of grass,

or a flower blooming against all odds

in the midst of desolation,

or in the tears of a child

in need of your embrace

as I have also needed,

now through me.

You of so many names,

who has given me the breath of life,

that I might return it to you

and abide in your heart,

in your love,

and recognize you in my own.


Russell Rosander

4/7/16  El Aguacate, Jal, Mx


Seeds Awakening


Once the ovule has been sparked

and the coil sprung,

and the seed has separated

from the past’s dying blossom,

it has lain in my hand

in a state of profound dormancy

waiting for the soil,

and for the precise moment

of it’s awakening,

which can only occur

when all the surrounding conditions are correct,

when the breath of the air

is neither too hot nor too cold,

when the sun and the moon have reached

their optimal positions,

and when it has absorbed sufficient water

for the flow to continue,

and the secret to be again unlocked,

for it’s cells to continue to multiply

and form the patterns of it’s ancestors,

combining and transforming

the darkest matter of the earth mother

and the unformed luminous spirit of the sun father

into living flesh,

the miracle of creation divine,

mirror of myself and yourself

awakening also

to kiss

those exquisite petals of love and joy



Russell Rosander

3/5/16 El Aguacate, Jal, Mx

The Great Escape – Part Sixteen


We seek deliverance from all pain

We seek the end of all suffering

We seek peace.

We seek paradise.

We have looked for it all

in aspirins and ashrams,

heaps of lotto tickets.

In better jobs and neighborhoods.

In discotheques and bars.

In sex, marriage and Disneyland,

racetracks, bank vaults,

hardware stores,

political parties,

corporate leadership,

and numerous sessions of the United Nations.

We’ve searched for it

in wilderness, in lovely tended gardens

and in garbage dumps.

In fancy restaurants with ambient atmospheres,

soaking in jacuzzies behind

thick walled villas with razor wire

and in cardboard shanties on muddy hillsides in tropical rains.

Even in the depths of the sea

and in deep space with robotic eyes probing

the darkness beyond.

We have sought it in animal rights organizations,

human rights organizations,

police stations, courthouses,

political parties, world wars, computer technology,

medical laboratories, libraries, dentist’s offices,

bottles of whiskey and shock therapy.

We have used

chemical fertilizers, antibiotics,

mosquito repellents,

illicit drugs,

genetic manipulation,

convenience store robberies,

believing in ghosts,

rubbing the bellies laughing buddhas

and worshiping rows of crucified Christs sitting on shelves

with solemn promises of redemption and life eternal

on their bleeding sawdust lips.

This is our obsession, our addiction, our fear,

our desire…………to escape all life’s

adversity, pain,

problems, loss and death

leaving only the joy………

and it has brought us to the edge,

the abyss, the destruction of our world,

global suicide,

and still it evades us.

It’s just phenomenon happening,

It’s just us, figuring it out.

how to live in it.

There’s nothing to escape,

there’s no place to go,

except here,

In the midst of all this suffering and joy,

in the flow of the universe



it’s only temporary.