Spirit Dance


I have seen my spirit

hiding in the dense core of a stone,

catching sunlight

in the waves of the sea,

flowing wild and free

in rushing mountain streams,

laughing in the leaves rustling in trees,

in grasses waving in a breeze,

flickering in the stars on the deepest of nights,

wandering home among drifting clouds,

while still dreaming sweetly

in the cradle of a mother’s arms,

given with each breath I breathe,

yet to my surprise,

never leaving the bosom of my heart

and I have seen it dancing

in your smile

as it meets mine.


Russell Rosander

3/31/16 El Aguacate, Jal, Mx

The Touch


The blank piece of paper,

the empty screen.

I’ve deleted all the words.

I’ve erased all the lines

until it’s become previous again,

perfectly clear,

essentially and completely



“In the beginning……”

there was nothing….


That was

before all the trouble all started,

with that first mark on the page,

before there was two of anything,

before anything needed a name,

before the irony of time began

and everything was infinite,

just a moment or two


the universe was birthed

and everything started happening.

Just before

the touch,

the kiss,

the awakening,

and what happens after that.


Russell Rosander

3/30/16 El Aguacate, Jal, Mx

Circle of Light


A game of solitaire

late at night in springtime

played out on a small computer

on a homemade wooden table

covered with a brightly colored cloth.

There’s the entropy of the shuffle,

virtual cards return into chaos, randomness,

their natural proclivity for disorder,

like the profusion of creation

going on outside this circle of light,

where I am protected

from the darkness,

o oh yeah, the darkness,


and all those biting insects, oh!,

and who knows what,

and the moon, yes, the moon,

the lovely moon waxing full,

each month, Oh!

While in the meantime,

the six goes on the seven,

the two goes on an ace,

and the dogs bark at the sirens

of other people’s misfortune,

at who knows what’s going on out there,

while I seek safety

in this enclosed engagement of the mind,

in this nothingness

of artificial sequences of numbers and royalty

that ends up in hierarchies.

The king goes at the top, then the queen,

then the jack and the ten,

just as they always have,

the way they are supposed to,

until everything becomes perfect,

and there’s a little rush of gratification, pride

and approval from…..

the royal family, or someone,

before the game returns to

the shuffle,

and the same disorderliness

as the cacophonies of insects chirruping,

frogs croaking,

grasses and weeds growing in abandon,

and me

in the perfect cycle of the moon

waxing full,,

in the perfect circle of light,

outside my head.

Russell Rosander

3/24/16 El Aguacate, Jal, Mx

The Pretender


The Pretender

I awaken each morning

and ask myself,

What role shall I play today?

Who shall I pretend to be

in my interactions

with all that come to the performance?

Shall I be the master or the servant?

The teacher or the student?

The drunkard or the preacher?

The seller or the buyer?

The gardener or the flower that’s blooming?

The sea or the shell?

The poet or the poem?

How can I best perform the act of love

and bring it to reality?

Russell Rosander


El Aguacate, Jal., Mx

Beyond Thought


I have been captured

by the mindless mantras of doves

chanting above

the heartless machinery of the age

tearing the earth,

noisy federal highways

connecting smog plagued cities

and jet planes spewing ash across the heavens.

They carry me over thorn forests,

tidal swamps, ancient hills, beautiful seas

and the abandoned temples of the past,

high into the sky of dawn

where the edges of things

become blurred,

past all argument of yes or no,

beyond the reaches of human thought

where everything is allowed,

where no harn is done,

all things live in peace,

and into the heart of perfect unity.



Russell Rosander

3/19/16 El Aguacate, Jalisco, Mx

I Have Seen Time


I have seen time.

It is visible.

I have seen it stretch out before me

and fade behind me,

even as I am standing still, I think.

I have stood on the edge of this moment,

all my life, leaping

into suffering and joy.

I have seen it move by

as if watching a parade,

a caravan of events,

of all the moments of my life,

all lives,

marching by this single place,

my roost,

one by one,

I wonder, I wonder then,

who am I?

The parade,

the watcher?

Is there one without the other?

Does time exist

only in our collective imagination?

Russell Rosander

3/15/16 Barra de Navidad, Mx

Fall and Rise


I am whole cities, countries, empires,

crashing into destruction and decay,

without mercy, wíthout hope.

I am but a single blossom

growing in a window box,

exploding in a flowering of light,

un-noticed, falling

into the heart of my darkness,

where lie the seeds of regeneration,

full of compassion and love

for all,

mindless of all coming and going.


Russell Rosander


Barra de Navidad, Mx