Open Door


Standing on a street corner

waiting for a bus

in front of the Comex paint store.

Move out to the steet

to see,

to see,

but no, not yet,

not yet,

so back to the shade,

the shade,

on the sidewalk, on cement,

no place to sit,

taxis swirling around dolfins

that are dividing the street,

then cars, trucks, motorscooters,

exavation machinery,

secondary schoolers necking in the shadows,

women with small children, workers,

waiting for the same bus,

going home,

between organized areas,

with heavy bags,

and then,

I see it,

I see it,

coming down the frontage road,

gliding up to the curb,

it has arrived, it has arrived,

before us, right here,

before us,

right here.

with open door.


Russell Rosander

2/27/16 Melaque, Jal. Mx


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