Beyond The Amnion



How does one seek without seeking,

do without doing,

be without being,

ask without asking,

and who is there to ask?

The paradox confounds me.

I stare into the void of my not knowing

until trees grows before my eyes,

grasses sprout, mature, seed and die,

until I become a stone standing there

in the cleft of our formation,

until I forget the I who has asked,

and the stone crumbles into nothingness,

and the questions dissolve at last

into the air that bore them from my lips

as if never asked,

and then….

as if a light sparked

in the dark sea of my presence,

the universe is born,

the caul is broken,

and the unveiled answers are revealed.

for no reason.

Russell Rosander

2/23/16 Barrra de Navidad, Mx


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