There Is No Other



There is no other.

We are truely alone.

We of the blue sky,

of the green earth,

of the high peaks,

and deep valleys

and shinning seas.

No one is watching us,

no one at all,

none but ourself,

spinning in this universe,

this, our sweet illusion,

that includes all the false gods of ego

we struggle with daily,

all pleasure and pain,

joy and sadness,

all the wanting and adversity

that we stress ourselves over.

How can we desire anything

when there is nothing that is not ourselves?

We are fulfilled of grace.

In watering the garden,

I water my own feet,

I drench my soul with the flow

of my own being.

the water of you,

the water of me,

the waters of this earth

flowing through the portal of now,

there is no other,

It’s the same water

that flows through this beautiful flower,

that bird singing to the dawn,

the hairs on your arm

moving gently in the breeze,

that wisp of cloud in the sky,

the rushing river,

all of it.

There is no other.

We are truely alone.

We are never alone,

We are all there is.

Russell Rosander

2/20/16 Barra de Navidad


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