The Great Escape – Part Fifteen


How can love be truely free? How could I love you more?



How many times

have I left my attachments,

all my possessions behind.

escaped, abandoned, lost, surrendered,

left them for coyotes to rummage,

for mice to gnaw,

for decomposition to devour,

and still those threads remain,

long tendrils, sretching,

spreading across spans of years,

decades, eons.

only to appear again and again and again.

My weight, my anchor,

my hungers, my desires, my addictions,

my shame, my pride,

my hope, my love, my hate, my affliction,

my pain, my comfort, my fears,

my promises, my lies, my truths, my beliefs,

my friends, my families, my homes,

my mind, my intellect, my imagination,

my likes, my dislikes,

my identities, my lives,

all that separates you from me,

my footsteps,

waking along an empty beach

even as the tide rolls in.

these lines, these traces remain

that keep me from drifting

free at last, cut loose,

a simple ray of light in a sea of darkness,

until then,

even that, shimmering there,

that last thread,

that last tension

is released.

Russell Rosander 2/5/16 Barra de Navidad

To be continued………


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