Into The Change



So here we go

Into the change,

Into the maelstrom,

Into that chaos, that unknown,

That duality, that reality,

All of that love and suffering,

Joy and sorrow

That comprises terrrestrial existence.

Just as we have again and again.

Shall we resist the change

Or shall we embrace it?

I ask myself, what do I need to let go of?

What do I need to sacrifice to survive?

Shall I leave my pedestal willingly,

Surely not that,

This place I call safe,

Myself, my center, my home,

My importance, my illusion?

Or shall I be dragged away from it

Kicking and screaming

By the currents of time, of change,

Not knowing I shall always be

In that moment, that leap, exactly here,

In that eternity,

Whether I leap willingly, in faith,

or hang on to the past without hope.


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