Those First Words


Those First Words

Those innocent and discontent words that precede all discovery,

All learning, exploration, experimentation and invention,

Yet serve as caution and warning to stand alert

To all those venturing into unexplored territories,

Those words that sang on the lips of every hero and heroine

That’s gone before, that goes forth now or will go tomorrow,

Those words that have launched thousands of ships bearing.

The seekers of truth and God and love and understanding,

Those words of admission,

Those words of despair,

Those words that invoke shame and blame,

The mark of stupidity and ignorance,

Those words without guile, without deceit or pretention,

Those words that are the answer unasked for,

Those most honest words of humility,

The words of the meek,

Those words that precede all others,

That open the doors of eyes and ears, hearts and minds

to the sacred, the divine, to love,

The most precious, most feared words of all,

That we must return to again and again,

“I don’t know”.

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