The Great Escape- Part Eight Continued


The Great Escape – Part Eight continued……

I think what Acid did, all it did, was to temporarily un-mask us, at least to some degree. It wiped out our defences. It un-masked all us Lone Rangers and suddenly we could see. What was there, both outside and behind the masks, was love. That’s what the masks were hiding. I’m talking about divine universal love. An alternative reality. And there was so much awe that first time. That’s what led us into it, I think..

Then we came back down and put the masks back on and went on about our daily lives. The high wasn’t maintainable because it was just a drug. If you took the same amount of it the next day, nothing happened. You didn’t get high. You had to double the dose to even get off. And when we did it again it wasn’t the same anyway because we gradually learned how to keep our masks on while high. After awhile, it became pointless to do it anymore. Fortunatly, acid isn’t addictive.

But getting high wasn’t what it was about anyway. The drug made us vulnerable and that was a bit scarry. That’s why we put on the masks to begin with, to not feel vulnerable and a host of other things that worry us. Love frightens many of us because we mistakenly equate it with vulnerability. We afraid we’ll be disappointed.

The drug also rendered us practically physically incompetent and we didn’t want to eat, another couple of major drawbacks. This wasn’t pot. It didn’t give you the munchies. It was a hundred times stronger than that.

Love was what it was really about. That’s what was really important. And love is not the high. The high is actually another kind of mask. It’s much more than that. We were just given a glimpse of it. It’s much bigger than that. It’s everywhere, both within us and without and the only reason we can’t see it is because these damned masks are in the way!

What our masks? Our egos, of course are one type. The there’s preconcieved ideas, false beliefs, survival techniques that are no longer appropriate, bad attitudes, all our fears. things we’ve learned that are untrue, things we misremember, who we think we are…well, just all the ways we’ve got it wrong. It’s the lens that filters everything we percieve. Breaking any of those things can give you a revelation or realization or enlightenment or illumination or whatever you want to call it.

Trying to take off our masks. Letting go of our egos and our fears, that’s what all the many spiritual paths are about. They’re methods for dropping our masks so we can see love, feel love, find love, become love, become one with all of it. All of them are about that, at least initially, and have been throughout history. Gods are about being whatever we need them to be about at the moment. It doesn’t matter if they are imaginary. They can help us. Dropping our masks is not easy to do. There’s so much confusion. We have so much to unlearn. Dissolution is difficult. We mistakenly think that is our true selves that are dissolving. It’s a big risk when you don’t know for sure. Especially when our egos, our society, in fact all of civilization tells us everything is one way when actually it’s another.

That’s what the counter culture was all about. It wasn’t about being a drug culture, it was about being Love. Experimentation with drugs was like trying on different kinds of glasses to see if we could see any better with them.

So idealistic they told us. So imaginary. So subversive. Dangerous even. So unrealistic, they said of us! Love and peace. So unrealistic! Wow! Really?

I’m sure that not everyone who tried acid in those days experienced what I did. There are many who were just getting fucked up and having fun, but a lot of us did. Ask any old hippy that’s still here. Some of us are still at it. Not taking LSD again, of course, we’re long done with that, it’s a dead end for us, but on the path, trying to open those doors to perception, to sacred love, to all of it.

Now that we’ve become older, maybe looking for universal love has become important to us again. Our children are grown now, maybe we’ve lost a spouse and we’re experiencing loneliness and remember once again those long ago flashes of pure love. Maybe suddenly all the stuff we’ve accumulated doesn’t mean much to us anymore, and work and security are less important because we haven’t got that much time left… what?… what? Or we’ve retired now and have lot’s of time to sit around, drink beer and contemplate our belly-buttons again.

I hope we will all find what we are looking for, pick out the belly-button lint, and get connected to the universe again, completely unmasked this time around with no druggie side effects. I know we will eventually, inevitably.

Peace and


……….To be continued.


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