The Great Escape – Part Six


Ok. I want to say this quick because the battery is getting low in my “device” and I need to find an outlet because it’s raining. Wierd, isn’t it. Saying something like that. My device? Solar power on rainy days? My, how the world has changed. I hope it makes it better. The way we were going in the past couldn’t have worked much longer.

We like to believe that our minds are these orderly places like computers where everything is in neat rows and there’s not much clutter, that you can just go to the menu and find whatever your looking for anytime you want, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Actually, it’s pretty chaotic up there, just like it is outside in the real world.. I supposed you could call it controlled chaos, and you could say the same thing about the whole universe.

In school, the whole idea used to be to “discipline” the minds of children. Oh, you thought it was about learning? That was just a side benefit. We learned to read and write and solve mathmatical problems and beyond that it gets kind of iffy. We learned to stand in line. That’s what civilization really needed us to learn, and to obey the teacher. They’re very opposed to chaos in schools.

They made us memorize the names of all the state capitol of all the states. They told us this might be useful if we ever wanted to go to one of those places. Why not just look on a map when you need to know that?, I asked. Swat.

The problem was, they didn’t try to teach us what we wanted to learn. A lot of that information we had to pass around behind their backs secretly. Wow! Look at the tits on that one! Shhhhhhh! Swat.

One of the most useful activities I know, in fact THE most wonderful, imaginative thing I know is called daydreaming. Swat. I was in trouble for it constantly.

Of course they had our own best interests in mind. They wanted us to become good little bureaucrats. They wanted us to be docile and disciplined and obey the athorities and go to war when they wanted us to. I bought the whole thing for awhile. I think the kids that accepted the whole ball of wax became conservatives. That’s what developing a disciplined logical mind really meant. Everyone who didn’t became liberals. Swat. I didn’t buy that logic because I saw there are lot’s of shades of grey between black and white. That, of course is disorderly thinking. To be orderly, you’ve got to have simple, distinct catagories. I still believe you can be a good person and be different. I don’t think you have to go to church and believe in God to be moral. That it’s ok to be a little disorderly and not cause much harm and it’s a whole lot more real. Swat

I suppose my next great escape was graduating from High School. For me, that was a confusing, almost non-event. They kept telling us we had achieved something, but damn if I could figure out what is was. Survival? Swat.

That said, I really do think education is a valuable thing. I got a lot from mine.

It’s supposed to help us figure out how live in the world. The civilization we were born into, not the past, but the present. If our civilization is to survive at all, we need to stop trying to squash the imaginations of children. We need them to figure out how to live in the future! That’s what our minds are for christsake! We are channels for imagination! It doesn’t mean we exclude logic. After all, logic is imaginary too! Swat. In spite of all the “training” that has been imposed on us throughout our lives, our human minds remain messy places. I think that’s true for everybody whether we are willing to admit it or not. Swat. But that’s all we’ve got. I think the right to have a disorderly mind ought to be added to the constitution.

…….To be continued.


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