The Great Escape – Part Two


The Escape – Part Two

And then I was traveling

For such a long time.

It was almost always north and south, except for that one time east,

which ended in disaster. To the west was the ocean and I had no boat, not that it mattered. I was like a starving ghost alongside the highway. It was spring, I think. They were still after me, though even in those days we had already started to meet up from time to time. They really weren’t as ugly and horrible as I first feared they were. I was happy about that.

My biggest problem at the moment was that I was too damned visible, even if I didn’t have any money.

I was looking for a place to hide out and be safe and warm..

I put out my thumb, even though it went against everthing I wanted to do at the moment.

You might think from my speech, by my use of the words “they” and I and “we” and them, that I regress, that I separate again from the one, but that’s only the illlusion of language. In fact, I am quite aware that my pursuers are indeed myself. Who else could frighten me so much? And what other language do we know other than this human one we use now? Of course it’s all illusory. Of course it’s a myth. What of it? What else could it be?

I saw a car comming from wayyyyyyy back down the road. It kept getting closer. I began eminating my best “Look, I’m not such a bad guy” vibe, although I didn’t really know that that actually worked at the time. That pretending works and sometimes causes copious amounts of trouble, but I was desperate. I’d been standing out there in the sun for hours, I was hot and I was getting dizzy from waiting so long and I wanted, Oh how I wanted! And then there was this big swoosh!, and the car was going away down the road in the other direction and I was not a passenger and

I was just standing there in the dust.

And the only thing left to do,

was to get back off the edge of the road

And sit down in the weeds.

And so I just sat there

I didn’t even have a joint.

I just sat there.

And that’s when it happened,

Nothing happend at all,

And then nothing happened again,

That’s when I caught up with myself

And became completely invisible.

I mean like I really disappeared!!!

You can do the same thing

By becoming a stock broker.

What have you got to loose?

So I looked at the page I have just written

And I asked myself.

“Why do I understand this? Why does this make any sense?”,

Because I know it does.

I just don’t know how or why.

Then they changed the radio station

And played “Banda” music

On into the night.

Crazy, huh?

Well, your just as crazy as I am, you crazy motherfuckers.

To be continued…….r


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