The Great Escape – Part One


The Great Escape –  Part One

It was in a time of great peril,

Much like today,

Once again,

Our pursuers had found us,

They stole our clothes and mimiced our speach,

Pretended to be us,

Commited many crimes in our name

And tempted us with chemical love,

Their false sun and moon.

Oh, how young, innocent and niave we were,

When all we were seeking was true love.

Many of us stumbled and fell for the ruse,

But some of us escaped.

Though they still pursued us.

Maybe that’s why so many of us

Started smoking at that age.

Smoke screen.

Trouble was, it hid us from ourselves too.

So we fled the city of our dreams

Into the brambled wilderness,

Into the darkness

By a thousand paths,

Following a thousand Pied Pipers.

We were refugees, ragged and torn,

living hand to mouth in an unknown country.

We improvised shelter from

Whatever civilization we passed through, dicarded.

We gathered and divided and gathered and seperated

Again and again.and again

Just as we have done throughout

The entire history of the universe.

We were shunned

Wherever we went.

until at last,

We blended into the great landscape,

Became invisible and disappeared

Well, almost, not quite, but almost,

But many of us did forget who they were.

You might think from my speech,

My use of the words “they” and “we”,

That I regress,

That I separate again from the one,

But that’s only the illlusion of language.

In fact, I am quite aware that our pursuers

are indeed ourselves,

Who else could frighten us so much?

And what other language do we know

than this human one we have now?

Of course it’s illusory.

Of course it’s a myth.

What of it?

What else could it be?

Now that I am old

and discover

I have this story to tell.

I have been running

both to and from my desire,

That which is my own and myself

for as long as I can remember.

That is the conradiction of it,

The impossibility of it.

It seems the more I escape it,

The greater it becomes.

Until all there is left to do

is stop running.

And then something magical happens.

It vanishes

That’s what our escape

Has always been trying to teach us.

That’s what happens when you stop running

from the thing you fear the most,


In a dream long ago,

Shortly after I had left the city,

After Mary had returned and

fell to the pushers, the pursuers,

But that’s an episode I will tell another time..

This story is not chronological,

I was fighting my way through a terrible tangle

of branches and vines and thorns in the moonlight

While being pursued by horrible beasts

with wicked, razor sharp teeth and fangs.

Finally, they surrounded me in a clearing.

And just as they lunged to attack,

They transformed.

I suddenly realized

They were guardians,

No, not actually guardians, but myselves!

They made me weightless

And carried me through the night

Until I awoke and found myself alone and safe.

I wandered in that weightless state for many days.

In love with a universe I don’t understand, can’t undetstand,

That I also am.

And you are as well.

To be continued.


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