I Look Around Myself


I look around myself, you know, because I want to write something. Maybe it will turn into a poem or maybe I’m just recording my thoughts and reactions to everything. I try to write everyday and just see where it goes. I look around myself and what do I see?

I see all this incredible beauty out there, the trees and the birds, the mountians and the sea and the sky, and then there’s all the people I love, friends, family, aquaintences, all of you. And also, also, all of this terrible ugliness, all the awful things we hear about and see in the news, all the hatred and violence and terrible things people do to one another, and all horrible damage we humans are inflicting on our beautiful planet.

I see all of my friends too, loving each other sometimes, but sometimes blaming, judging and hurting one another with jealosies and gossip or classifying this person beneath themselves and that above as if this was all some kind of heirarchy with good people on top and bad people on the bottom. I see everone dividing and dividing and dividing, in all kinds of ways, taking sides, insisting that everone should like or dislike this person or that, these people or those, this idea or that, this party or that, this religion or that, Pepsi or Coke, wine or beer, everthing.

I see all this sadness, but I also see all this joy too. I look at all that together and say to myself, WOW! Isn’t this amazing!!! Then I feel tears running down my cheeks and I just want to stop everyone from hurting themselves, our environment and each other. But, of course, I can’t do that. I can’t even stop myself from being a part of it, because I am as guilty as anyone else.

The only thing I can do is accept it. That this may be the reality I don’t want to see, but I have to accept it, because anything else would be to live in a fool’s paradise.

But, of course, that’s difficult to do. The only way I can do that is to look at it from a different place. In some different way so it doesn’t all just overwhelm me. So I have to look at it all as a kind of detached observer so it can’t hurt me, and then what I see is just energy flowing like a river or a stream, in and around and over and through all obstacles, just flowing, and I see myself there as well, just a single drop of all that energy, lifting high into the air and falling in wave after wave and I see that it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do and it’s all right and it’s exquisitly beautiful and nothing, nothing at all that can stop it, and the only thing that I can do is to love it, all of it, because that’s all there is to do that will make the slightest bit of difference.

R. 1/8/16 Barra de Navidad.


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