Decaration of Love


Declaration of Love

I want to say something

That is impossible to say,

So stupid, so ridiculous,

So terrible, so true, so absurd

You should probable stop reading this right now,8

Oh my God! Oh my God!

These words are so foolish and niave

I can hardly stand it,



Oh no! I’ve said it!

And not just you, but all of you, whoever you are!

Whatever you think of yourself,

Whether it’s asshole, crazy son-of-a-bitch, motherfucker,

well, as one motherfucker to another,


You who are my lovers, my enemies,

My mothers, my fathers, my brothers, sisters, my children, my grandchildren, My friends,

who I have met or never met, but have always known,

You who I have always disappointed, lied to, neglected terribly, rejected, hated

And possibly may have never even liked,

You who I have failed so miserably,

I, who is just an ordinary, stupid, niave, motherfucker,

As foolish, as fucked up, as idiotic, as selfish, as egotistical,

Most terrible human being, liar, cheat, thief, user, abuser, fake, pretender,

Most terrible, awful, unfair human you have ever met

as I am, and you are probably not,

loves you.


Who am not a saint by any means,

Who is a drunk, an addict, a complete idiot,

Who is the one who will always disappoint you,

Who will always hurt you,

I, who is so fucked up, damaged, wounded and hurt myself,

Who may always have bad feelings about you and may really hate you,

In every language, however inadequetly, however imperfectly,

In however bad prose or poetry or art,

For whatever ridiculous or contrary and mistaken or miguided reason,

I, who has spent years, actually my whole life

Trying to figure it out and have failed miserably,

And is certainly no saint by any stretch of the imagination,

loves you.

maybe not always, maybe not forever, but




Which is all there is,

And is really so much crap,

At this moment,

There is just this,

Just love for you.


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