After Hurricane Patricia


After Hurricane Patricia

October 24, 20015 – Barra de Navidad Mx.


It was not wrath,

that tearing away in rage.

Nothing so personal and harsh,

or even so cleansing.

It was a day that wore on threateningly,

and the first strong winds

came as kind of a relief,

so that now, at last,

that terrible wait was over

and it was happening,

and then, it wasn’t so bad,

the worst never materialized,

and even the strongest gusts of wind

failed to frighten us much

because we had imagined so much worse,

and everyday hurts and angers and fears

mattered less at the moment.


And then it was over and

nobody really said much,.

We just went about counting survivors,

marking tallies and thanking

whatever-it-is that we could never understand

as time began to move forwards again

with a renewed sense of amazement that

sorrow and joy were still with us.


Are you ok?,

How lucky we were,

It’s so good to see you again,

I love you so much, we said when we met,

and possibly really meant it.



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