Beyond John


Beyond John –

Remembering John Lennon on a hot day in

Mexico, 2015


In that difficult weighted heat

of placid summer afternoons

in a tropical countries

when the air is so thick that nothing can shift,

andnot even a gnat or a mosquito is

buzzing the voice of God

into the sleeping ear

of “Beyond John”

who replaced Jesus

in the second half

of the twentieth century

in a smoky cannabis haze.

I remember, but not that well.


“Let it be” “Let it be”,

the sound which is not there,

lighter than air,

echoes in the heavy humidity of reality

as the oceans

pound their wavey applause

on every beach in the unknown universe

and John walks on water´

waiting for his cue.


“He´s here now!, He´s one now!!,”

Ed Sullivan announces,

“Still with us in this shimmering mirage

of reality after all this time.

A force so large,

so omniscient, that like God,

we must “imagine” him

to see him.”


And Mother Mary comes to me

holding a cupped hand to her ear listening,

“There will be an answer,”

she hears coming back,

“Let it be.”