Withholding Love


We consider

all those ancient deities,

the gods of our oldest ancestors

and our parents,

and how they gave and took away

with feast and famine,

with rain and drought,

with pennies and candy,

depending on our behavior,

with love and withholding love,

to teach us,

just as we teach our children

to teach their children,

how to treat with the universe,

hoping they will come to understand,

that one small bit of transcendence,

that the withholding of love

when done from love,

is also love,

as much as the giving of it.

Oh! How easily it is mistaken

and how we cry when it is!

missing the unbelievable,

the hidden impossible truth,

that all of creation IS love,

and we ARE creation,

and all those cycles

of joy and sadness,

light and darkness,

life and death,

are all about LOVE

which truly is,

eternal and forever.


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