Bien Dia


I awake this morning

from a dream,

as I often do,

and in the bewilderment

of that emergence,

I struggle

to contain it,

all those broken pieces

of my past lives,

but before I can grasp them,

they disperse

into even smaller fragments

of dawning light.


I climb the kiva ladder

out of that forgetfulness,

from behind those hazy mountains,

out of all my past Easts.

Up from all those

precious, previous

lost worlds.

Feeling all the pain

of each separation

from each separate life

now shrouded

in the obscure darkness

of the past.




Remembering all,

all of the warmth, comfort and love,

each of those moments once held.


Up I climb,

with eyes now open,

up the bell tower stairs,

into the chill morning air,

into the dancing light

of the giver of my life,

the present day,

the keeper of my self and other,

into my only reality,

to give thanks for my being

and to have the temerity

to dare to ask,

to pray,

to hope,

to give,

to say

to let there be

just a little kindness and mercy today.


Good morning.

Bien dia.