The trade,
dependent on that agreement
between the buyer and the seller,
the employee and the employer,
server and served,
that what is exchanged
is of equal value,
equally desired,
without which
there is no business,
only greed or thievery
or nothing at all.
And thus,
real business requires honesty
and thus,
true business is an act of love,
the joy of which
exists in the exchange of engeries
between two people,
each providing
what the other wants and needs,
each requiring
the giving of oneself to the other
to be

For Hector,
who sees beyond what one “gets”
to the true meaning of business.
Thank you.

The Great Un


I find
that when not smoking a cigarette
or playing a video game,
or solving a puzzle,
eating or drinking something,
or not talking to someone,
reading a book, watching TV,
having the radio on
or doing anything else,
when I find myself
in that void,
that emptiness,
that unknown now
we so greatly fear,
where all that I have failed to notice resides,
all that I have deemed as of little importance
to myself, my ego,
all that is NOT in my memory,
NOT my belief,
NOT in my past,
or any part of my pleasure, my amusement, my comfort,
which does NOT pertain to me,
NOT all that to which I cling so tenaciously,
hoping vainly
to assuage my fears,
That there,
beyond all that screams,
“Look at me! Listen to me!
Pay attention to ME!”,
by the second leaf on the right,
on the fifth stem,
on the lowest branch,
of the tree,
with one brown spot near the tip,
rimmed with red against all the green,
so far beyond
anything that “matters”,
beyond the limits of all my desires
and consciousness,
from that place,
I look around and see,
all of that which is of no interest to me,
that is totally unburdened
by my opinions and conciderations,
un-commented upon,
and from that place,
on the precipice of that leaf,
on that branch,
the very edge of the past,
looking into the present,
into the fearsome, un-known, un-til this moment,
into all of that,
which is not me,
I let go,
I open,
letting it all RUSH
out and into
all that is just there,
un-thought of,
just un-
and there,
tumbling, trembling,
through all the joy and love of life,
within the great without, the great un,
falling free,
just me and thee.