Prayer for a Friend Suffering from Depression


I speak to the spaces between all things,

that timeless dimension where all things are possible

and ask for your assistance.

To help a friend who has lost his way

and become blind to your grace,

your unconditional love for us all.

I recognize my own helplessness,

my inability to help him alone.


Circumstances have led him to believe

that he is not loved,

that, in fact, he is not worthy of it.

He has come to believe

that he is alone, isolated

and banished from the good company

of his friends and family.


Many of those people have ridiculed him.

They blame him for his misfortune

and now reject his friendship.

He has taken to the addictive self-medication

of strong drink in excess

in an effort to ease his pain.

Even though this only carries him

down the spiral road deeper into darkness,

into self-pity, guilt and defeat.


He has lost much of his consciousness.

It has become so narrow

that he forgets his own spiritual dimension

and your presence within it.

Now, he can only see

his own pain and loneliness,

the illusion of the absence of love.


I fear that, in his depression,

he may seek his own demise,

in fact, it is possible,

that by taking the alcohol road,

he has already done so.


So I pray to you

to help him break the delusion,

the cycle of defeat he is trapped in,

and to raise his consciousness

so that he can see once again,

all the wonder and beauty of life,

the love that many of his friends

still hold for him,

and, of course, the grace of your

ever-present and all powerful

compassion and love.


It is for this, o spirit,

that I ask your assistance

and thank you again for your divine presence

in my own life,


With love,