The endless flow of our reactions

to, well,


The constant parade of our emotions

rising and falling like waves

on an internal sea.

So fleeting and temporal

like troughs of weather,

or wisps of colored smoke

drifting on breezes

and then are gone.


These primal and dusky apparitions

that were born before words,

experienced even before

we slid down the canal

of our birthing.

Distress or comfort,

pleasure or pain,

and then, of course

love or fear and

contentment or

all our hungers and wants.


Our first plaintive cry

echoes through

the remainder of our lives.

Our first smile

enlights the path of our journey.

Those emotions are ours, yet not ours.

Their source is beyond us.

The love of our mothers and fathers,

our grandmothers and grandfathers,

passes through us

to our own children and grandchildren.

unstoppable,    eternal.

In fact,

there is nothing new

about any of our emotions.

They´ve been around a long time.


From the moment of our inception,

we learn to assess our world and

all that surrounds us,

seeking knowledge of all the dangers

that might peril our survival,

what might enhance it.

So we might choose our footsteps carefully.

We tend towards the familiar.

We are wary of the unknown.

We discover that our emotions

are not all pleasant friends.

And yet we are driven towards

new experiences,

for better or worse

because everything changes.

We cannot abide stagnation.


We discern everything, we evaluate,

name, categorize and file all away

in our memories.

We try to stop the flow

and make our emotions crystal, solid

and permanent.

Which, of course,

is impossible.

We fear our emotions, like an unruly friend

whom we love and can be fun,

but sometimes leads us astray.

To someplace beyond our plans,

all our hopes and dreams

for ourselves and our families,

or to some inner conflict or turmoil,

as they sometimes do.

And so,

sometimes we deny them,

try to keep them

from coloring our decisions –

We like to make our choices dispassionately,

in line with other choices we have made before.


But at the end of the day,

when we remember all,

the bitter sadness’s

and sweet joys in our lives.

Is it not the love that has touched our lives

that we cherish most?

And don´t we also need

to embrace and let flow our sadness

to make love meaningful and whole?

Isn´t that which makes it sweet?

Acknowledge that all our emotions,

which are not sins,

but empower our lives,

are integral and vital to ourselves

and the incredible, wondrous


of the river

of live life.

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