Oh, the mistakes I have made!

The errors, never to be undone!

The judgments I have passed on others!

People I have cursed and betrayed!

All for transgressions, even small slights,

perceived against myself

or those I choose to love.

All the while,

knowing deep within,

that I am equally guilty.


The mythical enlightened man

sits in his lonely cave –


Those rare divine saints –

all dead.

The miracle healer we´ve heard or read about –

never seen.

The spirit guides that never materialize,

that, perhaps, only dwell

in our imaginations,

and so,

we ignore,

while we blunder through our lives,

hungering for truth,

yet terrified of knowing it,

fearing it may lead us

into the deepest despair.


We, who are not perfect,

the end-all of our creation,

our evolution,

mere products of

our cultures,

our upbringings,

our educations,

our experiences,

unbidden emotion,

our insights and false beliefs,

the mistakes of others who

were no better equipped than ourselves.

Fallible!  How could we be otherwise?


Yet, we seek, against all odds,


Our desire to be above the fray

that both compels us and condemns us.

We tire of conflict and suffering.

We want peace, within and without – resolution!

We seek a path that will deliver us

out of our temptations,

out of our hypocrisies,

to a mythical savior´s forgiveness.


But, perhaps,

deep within the very earth of our being,

the source of all and our own creation,


we will find our solace,


the truth that only we

can only forgive ourselves

and love all – so hard!

That this

is the only possibility,

the only hope,


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