Ego Toys


The inflatable ego,

the illusion of power,

self-importance and righteousness.

Much like children´s beach toys

waddling down to the sea

from beach-side stores

that specialize

in bathing suits and blue flippers.

Colorful crocodiles and fierce sharks

designed to allay the fears of children,

to scare off the enemies of

innocence and fun.

Protection from the universe

with all it´s nasty dangers.

Sharp toothed beasts

that say,

“Don´t tread on me!”


The inner-tubes of selfdom,

blown up with each new success,

accomplishment or acquisition,

growing larger and larger,

until, at last,

a single, tiny prick of fate

deflates the whole pretence

and tears

begin to flow.

Telling us that such fragile floating devices

should only be used when necessary,

until one learns to swim.

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