The Tree of Life


There is a tree that´s branches spread

so far we cannot see it.

Far beyond the scope of

your or my vision.

Through it´s veins flow

The nectars of all life,

Just as blood flows through ours.


Each leaf is a delicate splendor,

but only for a season

Of every shape,

each bearing the basic form of the whole,

stem, veins branching out,

as ours do.

Each leaf, individual, as if separate,

but each is also connected

and essential to the tree,

collecting the energies

of the sun and stars,

transforming them

into sustenance

for the bark, the heart

and the roots so deep below.


It´s blossoms of many colors

are so brilliant and lovely,

so radiant with beauty

they can cause the heart to ache.

Their aromas so exquisite and varied,

our senses swoon in wonder.

Their seed is the spawn

of all living things,

scattering on the wind

in constant re-generation,

in the past, today

and tomorrow.


So does each leaf,

fluttering to the ground

in the breezes of autumn,

if only for a moment,

see, at last, the whole?

Realize the source of it´s creation,

and know its´s being has mattered

since before beginning

and on the journey

round again?


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