We want to “make sense”,

to understand,

to know.

We approve of orderliness,

logic, reason,


We like our universe explicable.

This is our safety,

our comfort;

each thing in it´s place

and no room for doubt.

We build edifices to our knowledge,

we revere it, worship it,

protect it, secret it, collect it.

We bury ourselves in it.

We build walls around it,

for the barbaric hordes

of naught, chaos and randomness

assail us.


But walls close in.

The air becomes musty and brackish.

The trappings of knowledge

cannot sustain us for long.

We require our food to be fresh.

Our skin is full of holes.

We need to breathe

in and out.


And so we go outside

without a jacket;

into the madness

of sunlight, wind and rain;

birds chirping

and flowers bursting

with unfathomable beauty;

into the moment;

leaving the trappings, the burdens

of our security and knowledge behind.


Please disregard

all and everything

I have previously

ever said or written.


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