Following Dreams


We were meant to dream.

It´s in our nature.

To hope, to wonder if,

to pursue.

Our dreams give our lives meaning,

our reason to be,

and yet,

there is a price,

they are not given for free.



they require us

to risk all,

to leap

into the abyss of the unknown,

to risk failure

or defeat.

Woe to those

who lack the courage,

so many empty lives we see.



would we ourselves

be here now

if none had dared to cross the sea?

Would we exist

to dream at all,

if none had gone before,

if none had died,

if none had tried,

if none had tried again?


And so we ask,

the giver of our dreams,

the creating of us all,

to help us in our pursuit,

to give us what we need,

to protect us

and give us the wisdom and courage

to learn

through our inevitable failures,

to never accept defeat,

to follow those dreams,

the will,  the dreams

of our maker

through and of ourselves,


they might take us.

Murder in Montana


Murder in Montana

Welcome to Montana! The setting for Anna Schilke’s debut murder mystery.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, a well endowed killer who suffocates her victim with her breasts. And that’s just the Prelude!

Murder in Montana is the debut novel by Anna Schilke. It takes some chutzpah to set a murder mystery in Billings, Montana, a city that sees less than a handful of murders per year. But on paper anything is possible. And Anna Schilke gives us more than one murder to think about. She gives us a serial killer. A female serial killer! In Montana! And that takes cojones!

As the tag line to the novel reads, “It is her quest is to rid the world, or at least Billings, Montana of men who prey on women for sexual exploitation. One by one they locate her and she snuffs them out. How many will succumb to her vengeance before Detectives Joe Crawford and Quinton Ryan arrest her?”

Never mind the math, or the body count, if you are a fan of noir fiction, of murder mysteries, then Murder in Montana is a read that will leave you hearing bumps in the night and seeing shadows beyond the glow of your Kindle.

Ten years in the making, Anna Schilke had to leave her native Montana and move 3000 miles to Mexico to finish her debut effort. Upon settling in the state of Jalisco, she dusted off her original draft and breathed new life into Murder in Montana.

With her debut novel now available as an e-book, Anna is hard at work on her next novel. This new mystery, tentatively titled Murder in Melaque, will draw on her current Mexican surroundings for plot, character and atmosphere. It is safe to say that some snowbirds will miss the return flight home.

(For those of you in and around Melaque this weekend, there will be an unofficial book launch and birthday celebration for Anna Schilke at Chynna’s Backstage Bar in Barra de Navidad Sunday, August 31 at 3p.m.)

The Politics of Nature (How Nature is a Democracy)






There is a multitude

of  political parties

In the great

Nation of Creation.

The party of grasses

with thousands of sub-parties

distributed throughout the realm.

The party of trees,

some tall, some small,

each native to particular regions,

able to survive

at different latitudes and altitudes,

some live for hundreds,

even thousands of years.

These are members

of the vegetable coalition.


There are also

the animal factions.

The mammals, birds, reptiles,

insects, bacteria and viruses,

down to the smallest

of one celled organisms,

every slimy, creepy crawly

These creatures are characterized

by their ability

to move about.


And, of course,

the minerals

which have static populations,

and neither multiply or grow.

They simply exist.

They are, none the less,


as evidenced by

chemical action and reaction,

the activities of their atomic particles

and ability to change form,

to combine and become compounds.

But this party,

casts no votes,

though they do play a role

  • reality checks.

These comprise

the physical aspect of creation.

The earth itself,

including the rocks and soil

and the water and air.

None of the other parties

can exist

outside their realm.

They are the elements

from which all others

are fashioned,

the dust of our emergence,

the mother of all.


Each of these divisions

is dependent on the others

for life,

the animals which eat plants,

the animals that eat other animals,

the plants feeding

on the nutrients in the soil,

all drinking the water

and breathing the air,

the life energies in the soil

are replenished

by the decay and dissolution

of plants and animals

beyond their time.

This is the same process that occurs

in the digestive tracts

of all creatures.

And thus

the cycle of life turns.

If the soil were to become

completely depleted,

all other life

would perish of starvation.



None of this could exist

with out the fourth form,

the energies,

the light, warmth and power

of the sun and the stars.

All physical existence

consists of energy.


is the constitutive element

of all things,

vegetable, animal and mineral.


is the life force.


The other side of existence

is nothingness.

Without nothingness,

nothing could exist.

Nothingness is that

which surrounds, forms and holds

Without it,

There would be no place

for being to be.

But neither could nothing exist

without something.

Being and nothing are one thing

and is the source of

Energy moves

either fast or slow,

as a vibration, a rhythm, a pulse, a wave,

on – off – on – off,

being – not being – being – not being.

Light and sound

are but two forms

of this energy.

This is how creation

came to be.

The universe

is constantly

being formed.

forever expanding,

from countless

fractals of energy.


is the creator, creation, creating,

the heart, the soul

of everything.

The creator, creation, creating,

doesn`t reside in one place,

but everywhere, omnipresent.

The universe is not hierarchal.

In the cosmos,

there is no up,

there is no down,

no higher,

no lower.

It exists

everywhere at once.

And thus,

all of the various aspects

of the living universe

are intrinsically


each is totally dependent

on all the others,

and the energy

that flows through everything.
















The Political Arena of Nature


The political arena

of the Nation of Creation

is the realm

of the plants and animals.

They are the two voting factions.

None of the others vote.

This realm

is a microcosm

of the larger universe

and is governed

by the same laws.

The plants and the animals


the legislative branch.

The executive and judicial branches

are in the broader realm

of being/nothingness.


The electoral process

is a one entity – one vote system.

The votes are automatically cast

by being there.

There are no age restrictions or registration required,


the votes

do not all

carry the same weight.

For instance,

it takes many plant votes

to equal one animal vote.

it takes

thousands of mosquito votes

to equal one bird vote.

This is because

a bird will eat

thousands of mosquitoes

in it´s lifetime,

and any herbivore

will eat many plants

in a day.

The universe compensates

the mosquitoes and plants

by making more of them,

thus the parties

remain closely matched,

and democracy is maintained.

If the votes

all carried equal weight,

the insects

would always come out ahead,

because there are more of them.

The numbers and weight of the votes

of each party or species,

alive and present

in a given place

at any moment


their actual momentary power

over all others

in that place

as the leading determinant

of change.

There is no election day

it goes on all the time.





















Checks and Balances


All democracies

need checks and balances.

Just as the universe

gives more weight

to some votes than others,

the universe

limits the power

of the weightier entities

by keeping their numbers smaller.

In this way,

the more aggressive and voracious parties

from decimating

all the others.

The mice and the birds

keep the grasses from overpopulating

by eating a portion of their seeds

so they don´t deplete the soil

or crowd out other species.

Other birds and snakes

keep the mice in check

by eating them

so they don´t eat all the grass seeds

and wipe out the grasses.

Frogs, spiders and other birds

keep the insects under control

so they don´t wipe out everything.

And thus,

the whole complicated fabric

of nature

is maintained

with billions of checks and balances.

It all functions

like a well tuned clock,

things swaying pendulously

one way for a while

and then another way,

just like political parties in the human world do.

one party in power this term,

another the next,

depending on who has the most votes and power

at the time.

Each party

keeping the others in check

so that any one party

doesn´t remain in power

too long,

becoming corrupt, tyrannical

and ultimately,

self destructive,

destroying the very fabric of life

upon which it depends.




































Power is energy,

the surging river of being/not being

that pulse through

the universe.

The substance/non-substance

from which

all things are formed,

the eternal flame

of all the stars and galaxies,

creative energy,

the supreme power of all,

the gift of life,

the love of creation

for all.


In the microcosm

of our world,

this energy is manifest

in all life,

great and small,

the living earth

and the blazing sun

which sustains it,

the water and the air,

all the creatures,

all life forms

that have evolved and revolved

to be here now,

in the Nation of Creation

we call


Power is the ability to exist

and survive.

The individual power of each entity

is derived

from the universe.

The way

each entity

has obtained

it´s portion of power,

and it´s votes weight,

is through evolution.

The ability of an organism

to adapt

to changing conditions.

Some creatures have evolved

to aquire brute strength

to obtain power.

For some,

power is manifest

in their ability to hide,

to camouflage themselves,

to appear

to be something else,

Others derive power

from remaining small,

so small,

they are invisible

to the eyes

of larger beings.


Still others have developed cunning,

the ability to sneak up,

unnoticed on their prey,

their food, their sustenance.

Some have developed

thicker and harder shells

or thorny spines

to protect them

from their adversaries.

Others have developed

poison producing glands,

the ability to stun, repel,

even kill

their prey and enemies.

Some have learned to attach themselves

to other, stronger entities,

symbolically gaining the strength of that species,

the parasites.

Some derive power

from acting in numbers, joining groups,


such as packs, herds or tribes.

And then there are

the domestic plants and animals

cultivated by humans

for either food or companionship

or transportation,

but would often not survive

without human protection

and husbandry.

Mankind has developed

intelligence and imagination,

intelligence being

the ability to organize and store information,

imagination being

the ability to channel

the creative energies

of the universe,

to create shelter

and other forms of protection

and more, beautiful things,

and the emotions

which enables them to experience

the sensations of life

more deeply,

through passion

and empathy.


for their soft and vulnerable bodies,

and their inability to endure

the extremes

of heat and cold

as their planet turns

around it´s sun.

And thus,

in the great wisdom of creation,

power is allotted to each entity,

balance and equality

among the species

is achieved,

and the great,

egalitarian democracy of nature

is established

on earth.





The Problem of Mankind


And now we come to,

what is possibly,

the end

of the term

of mankind´s dominance

in the Nation of Creation.


has been given

through transmutation

and learning

over thousands of years,

perhaps more power

than any other creature,

and yet is still limited.

Mankind has learned to use,

in some way,

nearly all the survival skills,

the aggressions and defenses

of all the other entities,

but in spite of their huge capacity for learning,

they still misinterpret

some aspects

of reality.



has told itself

that they have been given more,

permanent dominance

over all the other plants and creatures

by God,

the creator



are the favored.

They have come to believe

that they are above

they thorny rabble,

that there is a hierarchy

and they are separate

from the rest,


casting themselves

out of the garden,


they are just

part of the whole.


These clever creatures

have used

their powerful imaginations

to devise all sorts of ways

to keep nature at bay,

out of fear

that it might threaten

their superior position.

And the threat is real.

The other political parties

are constantly trying

to keep the power of the humans

in check.

Blindly destroying

anything that opposes them

or is not directly beneficial to themselves,

the humans seek

to remain in dominance


to upset the balance of power,

and thus, seemingly,

have thrown

the entire ecological, political system

out of whack.


Of course,

the plants and other animals,

all the other entities,


to fight back,

the balance

tries to right itself,

to keep the human foot

from wiping out everthing.

The mosquitoes, gnats and flies

do their best

to annoy the humans back,

as they continue

to multiply and encroach

on the insect habitats,

even going so far

as to infect these invaders with diseases

such as dengue and malaria.

The bacteria, viruses and cancers

mutate frantically,

in their effort

to increase their numbers

and thin the ranks

of the human beasts,

restoring the balance.

But the humans

are using their great imaginations

to exterminate these entities

as quickly

as they mutate

and multiply.

And so,

the human population

grows out of control,

employing ever more

draconian and totalitarian weapons

with increasingly deadly force,

destroying not only

those perceived as foes,

but the very environment

on which they depend,

poisoning even the air and the water

which all depends on

for life,


different from themselves,

collateral damage.

This is what happens in war,

until at the end of the cycle,

when all of creation rises

in revolt,

and all of mankind´s walls and clever machinations

will offer them

scant protection.


The plants and the animals,

all of nature,

has never sought

to eliminate mankind,

and still doesn´t.

It only seeks

to keep the human party

in check.

But the humans

have made nature

their political rival,

their enemy

bringing upon themselves

war, pestilence, disease, starvation, addiction

and all kinds

of natural disasters

in their disregard for all else.

This is not punishment

for human arrogance or avarice.

Creation is not vindictive.

Creation is forgiving.
























The Solution


Creation only tries

to teach a lesson,

to teach the truth,

to help humanity return

to peace and harmony.

This is the responsibility of each community.

To help mankind

achieve a sustainable

and viable population,

to correct the balance,

for the whole of creation

must always be the winner

and will always be

the larger and stronger.


There is nothing wrong.

no sin, no transgression.

Mankind has only been using the power

that creation has given them,

This is the way of creation.

There are no mistakes in nature,

only the path life takes,

the maze,

down twists and turns,

always leading

to further realizations.

The pendulum has merely reached it´s extreme,

and is now coming back

the other direction.

Like the crest of a wave

which then falls to it´s valley,

It is only

energy flowing, phenomenon.

Creation is only teaching a lesson,

to bring upon mankind

it´s awakening,

that they might discover

who they really are,

and how they fit

in the fabric of the whole.

to remember

from where their power is derived

and to return that power of love

through all it´s actions,

not to worship it.

To realize

that their separation

is an illusion,

a false belief,

which now becomes



the misconception


the path becomes clear,

the pain of confussion

is lifted.


is what it´s all been leading to.


is inevitable.


Mankind is not asked

to revert

to the primitive cave dwellers

of their beginning,

because the past

can never be returned to,

but to be humbled,

to use it´s great powers

of intelligence, imagination and emotion

for the benefit of all,

to allow nature

to restore the balance

and let wounds heal,

to go forwards

not backwards.

To learn to make

the compromises necessary

in any democracy,

to allow all others

to be whatever they are

however they may be different,

practice tolerance,

love our enemies,

that all might live again

in harmony,

to survive and thrive,

all within

the love, beauty and wonder

of the great,


Nation of Creation


in peace.

Child Within


     Child Within

And so,

in our recovery,

the silent child

walks backwards

through eons of wounds,

recalling each face,

acknowledging each fallen tear,

each offence,

each indignity

forced upon us,


each beating and battering,

each instance

of sexual abuse,

each betrayal

and all the self-abuses

we have committed

against ourselves,

each and every grievance

we carry upon our backs,

our burdens.


This victim,

this universal child,

so personal,

this boy/girl

we have survived,

this secret Christ,

this small body

with scuffed knees

on asphalt playgrounds,

teased and bullied

while walking on broken stilts

in the comic parade,

who hangs on crucifixes

over alters in churches,

who picks through garbage heaps

in Calcutta,

or sits straight laced

on the hard benches

of private academies

for the children

of the rich and powerful.

We are told

that this innocent one,

because of his/her

goodness, purity, beauty

and naivety,

must be abused,

must be made to suffer,

must be punished,

must be sacrificed,

must be crucified

so the adult can emerge.

“It´s for your own good.”

they say.



he or she

is the vulnerable, unformed body of all,

this universal child,

and only through

this life of sorrow

this monstrously cruel reality

through countless deaths

and rebirths,

can the soul rise

and come to somehow know

who and what

he or she

truly is,

to become whole

in the first place.


But such an adult

can never be whole

for the soul of our past

the soul of our present

the soul of our future

are one

and have never been separate,

existing simultaneously,

all at once

in the wholeness

of the infinite moment

of ourselves

and we can only recover

through the healing power

of self-forgiveness,

delight and wonder,

of who we are

and who we have been,

now and always,


to be and to be

such a sweet child.