Butterfly Flutters  



The inner fire blazes

The tongue burns

The motmot´s tail





telling the story

The ani

perches on my window


into my eyes

Ancient    ancient

from the tertiary epoch

through the Pleistocene

till now

silently speaking

hush     hush

as the cockroaches

seek new homes

Mosquitoes suck my blood

Spiders eat my flesh

The energies of the Universe

rush in

to heal my wounds

To restore the flow

in the swelling

in the heat

The rain falls

drink   drink

When you live on top of a mountain

everything must be carried up

When you live

in the bottom of the valley


flows down

The evening breeze

flows east

from the sea

The morning breeze flows west

to the sea

An electric fan


in the corner

moving the air

What is the purpose of the breeze?

Breathe  breathe  breeze

Molecules in the air

rub together

Lightning flashes

I wander through the trees unseen

never          leaving my chair

A butterfly flutters

through the leaves.


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