Summer Storm


           Summer Storm


Rain falling in the tropical night,

the annual torrential deluge arrives,

with the warm stickiness of blood,

sweeping across the darkness in waves,

pounding the soil,

running in rivulets

down every crevice,

replenishing every well,

gathering in puddles

about my feet.


These great dark clouds envelop me

as if another skin,

obscuring the moon and the stars,

all vision,

but within the liquid air

of this dark abyss,

the germinal seed sparks

in the germinal moment,

creation begins anew,

turning the earth from brown and grey

to vibrant greens and golds,

and in this darkness

the light is born

that will illuminate all this vividity

in the coming day.


I languish,

caught in this utter blackness

of this perfect eye

-this I within,

as the spiral of the storm

spins about me,

and in this moment of the moment,

I cast

all my complaints, regrets, desires

and fears from the past

into the swirling wind,


which will return, unresolved.

And I pray the universe

to give me new eyes to see

the beauty, magnificence and divineness

of even one

blade of grass.


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