The Creator is the Devil


      The Creator is the Devil


The Creator of the universe

is a master of disguise,


in a myriad of forms.



he has visited me

in the shape of the devil,

a thief in the night,

in the guise of

one who has not come far

along the path,

who perhaps

has no idea who he is,

and even if he does,

does not fathom

the damage he causes,

and when he has left,

I ask,

Why me?


The temptation is

to say,

He should be punished.

Lock him up

and throw away the key.

To pass judgment and sentence,

For I,

am the righteous victim,

Teach him a lesson.


That is what we have been taught to think

in situations like that.

Close up, tighten the security,

build a new wall.


But if we ask,

How does one judge

the creator of the universe,

What lesson

is the creator

teaching me?



what the creator is saying,

is you are on the path.

Your possessions don´t

matter any more.

They are only distraction you don´t need.

I gave them to you,

and I can take them away.

Because you are on the path,

what you have to gain

is far more important

than what you have to lose.



the correct answer is,

open,   let,   let.


For at the end of the day,

it is I

who have created the devil.

What I am witnessing

is the unfolding of the universe.

It´s all just activity,

motion and energy flowing.

There is really,

nothing to possess.


I create the devil,

when I make the label,

when I name it.

Each time I feel

ill towards someone

or want to hurt another.

Good and evil,

is just a human construct,

the result of our fears of loss.


All suffering and joy,

give and take,

conflict and harmony,

the beautiful house built long ago

and now gone to ruin,

civilizations rising and falling,

are all just the actions

of the creator,

experiencing existence.


As water seeks it´s own level,

over and over again,

from sea to cloud

to rain to river

to sea,

balance comes and goes.

The moment it is achieved,

it is thrown off,

because the world we live in

is in constant motion,

what is created

is always destroyed,

for the great creator of the universe

is also the destroyer of the universe,

and there is beauty

in the fire as well.


Why this endless cycle of life and death,

being and not being?


So that each star might shine in turn,

each river might flow to the sea,

each bird might soar

through the air,

so that each flower might bloom,

and so that every soul

might discover

it´s oneness with it all,

and the love and wonder

of being


the path.


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