The Libido Mosquito


The Libido Mosquito

I have been bitten
by the libido mosquito
a number of times,
the first time
as a mere child,
and I’ve suffered the ravages
of the dreaded jungle fever
ever since.
The itch is unbearable,
both terrible and delightful,
there is no known cure,
other than
loving the creature that bit us,
which gives
only temporary relief.

There is apparently no immunity,
no known repellant.
They will find you.
You cannot hide.
Heavy clothing is of no avail,
they know you are naked under there,
and merely wait,
for some unguarded moment
such as sleep
when they attack
and cause wet dreams,
or worse –
(illicit and immoral thoughts during the day.)

And so,
we try to live with the damned things,
for they are invulnerable,
and hope
that no one will notice
how silly and ridiculous we are behaving,
when we are dancing crazily
and walking kind of funny,
but I have noticed,
that even when they do,
there is an uneasy recognition,
behind those affectations of horror
and knowing sniggers.


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