Age of Information


Age of Information


In the early days of civilization

There was the secret knowledge

Of priests and kings,

Hoarded and guarded,

Information being power over others,

Useful for keeping the wealth

Flowing their way.

Thus the hierarchy was maintained,

The ignorant,

So easy to lie to,

From these

The infantry was drawn.


The diploma,

A certificate signifying

The ownership of certain knowledge,

Only given to scribes and scholars

In the service of the power-elite,

Those who had the money to pay,

All other truths,

Acquired by means of

Independent thinking,

Creativity or direct inquiry,

Deemed invalid,

Unlawful or insignificant.


But now

The technology is here,

The internet has altered the game.

All the recorded knowledge,

As well as that not certified

Is available

To any peon

With a desire to learn

Or and interest to explore,

Tuition free – no diploma required,

And we see

The emperor has no clothes.

He trembles in fear

Behind the castle walls,

Because the cat is out of the bag

And he rushes to close it,

Too late.


At last

The revolution has arrived.

Take back the power

And the labor pains

Of the new age

Will not last for long.



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