Struggling Free



Struggling Free

I hear the doves calling
In the first light of day,
Singing in the silences
Just outside my window
And in the far away,
Outside the thicket and tangle
Of my mind.

As I struggle from the blankets
Of the comfort and safety
Of my bed,
Oh how I long to fly,
Un-tethered to the earth,
Circling high above
In the freedom of the heavens
With those blessed birds.

There are those that say
That heaven cannot be reached
While living, only after.
This is not death I speak of,
Some rising from an earthy grave,
But to escape into life
From the falsely secure
Cities of our making,
With their convoluted streets,
The confining and withholding grids
And all the known pathways and byways
Where we walk so confidently.

To once again enjoy
Innocence, freedom and clarity,
Outside the muddle
Of hustle and bustle
Which grasps us…

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