Dream Passage from Shadow to Light


Dream Passage from Shadow to Light

Come with me on a journey,
Imagine, if you will,
That we are walking
On a moonless night,
Far from anywhere
Without a star in sight,
Through a darkness
So profound
It is if nothing
Has ever been here before.

We walk
In a time before time
Through a vast space
That has existed since
Before we were conceived,
Wandering aimlessly
Through what could have been
Countless eons
Or a single moment.

Then, slowly comes
The gathering dawn,
It engulfs us as we walk
The light comes in
Like a whirling mist,
Filling the universe with
Billions of pulsing threads
Of luminous energy,
Shimmering prismatic light,
Bending and curling around us
In an undulating flux,
Caressing us as if
We were it´s beloved.

We walk through
This inundation of light
As if carried by it,
With no volition of our own,
Wrapped in a moving web
Of pure incandescence,
We feel no fear,
We sense that this light
Is all knowing
And inherently beneficent,
Perfect in every way,

It occurs to us
That there are no shadows here
Because the light,
Which exists everywhere at once,
Leaves no place
For shadows to be,
Except the spaces
Which we ourselves inhabit.

And thus, it occurs to us,
That, in fact,
We are the shadows,
Dark voids walking through
The eye of light,
That it is we who are without
Substance or being.

Then comes the realization
That these shadow beings
Which we thought of as ourselves,
Are not truly ourselves at all,
But an absence of self,
A mere silhouette,
And we dissolve into the light,
Finding our true home
At last.

The light,
Which we now know
To be our true being,
Begin to slow
It´s constant churning,
Gaining greater density,
Solidifying into
The elements of the universe.

The cloud of light
Begins to take form,
Passing through
Countless transmutations,
All that has passed before,
Thousands of lifetimes,
Traversing all time,
Spinning towards the present.

Until we finally arrive
At this place,
And opening our eyes,
See that the light has become
You and I
And all that surrounds us.
And seeing one another again,
We know
That in this moment,
We are truly one.


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