Walking Together Through Color and Light


Walking Together Through Color and Light


The greenness of leaves,

The blueness of the sky,

The brownness of the earth,

The brilliant reds, yellows and purples

Of flowers along the way,

The refractions and reflections

Of luminous energy,

Exciting the minute nerve endings

Of the retinas in our eyes,

Bursting through the empty spaces

Of our minds,

Fragmenting into a billion differences.


The miracle of light,

Touching our senses,

Waves of energy,

The nectar of our existence,

The universal heart of our being

Rebounding from the densities

Of all that surrounds us,

Emitted from the glowing embers

Of countless scattered stars

Swirling together in the universe,

So ordinary and profound.


I walk to the bus stop

Enveloped in the warmth

Of all this radiance,

Responding and reverberating

With my own inner light,

Filling the spaces around me,

Informing and pleasing each step,

Through the kaleidoscopic spectrum

Of our universal existence,

Connecting the dots of our oneness,

Obliterating our seperateness,

Reducing all distance,

And all the difficulties

Of our temporal lives

In this single, momentary flash

Of brilliance and love

We call eternity.


Barra de Navidad, Mexico 2014


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