Walking the Symmetrical Path to the Sea


Walking the Symmetrical Path to the Sea


In the preference of nature for symmetry,

Down the crooked line of the spine,

Hands and feet alternating,

Propelling me forwards

Between left and right,

Traveling between my two eyes

Along the dividing line between opposites

Through which all water and blood flows

Down to the sea.


I walk the old road

From El Aguacate to Barra de Navidad

Between cattle, people and egrets.

“!Chido! ¡Mi hermanos, hermanas y amigos!”

Between trees and hills and the wings of eagles,

And through the town,

The clatter, chatter and clutter

Of gossip and people debating points of view,

Heartfelt endearments between pairs of lovers,

Music and the raucous proclamations of children

Playing in the streets.


I pass dogs barking their warnings,

Vendors selling tomatoes, tacos,

Furniture and colorful adornments,

The roar of motorbikes and buses,

Traveling down radiant avenues

Through the buzz and hum,

All starting from the centers of their rider´s beings

Towards predetermined destinations,

So complex, they seem disorderly,

Continuing and presiding over the dust

Of all that´s passed before,

Past old people sitting in chairs

On sidewalks before the edifices

Of their labors, reminiscing.


Until I can go no further

And the waves of the sea

Wash upon my feet,

And I stand in the center of the beast of myself,

On two legs, from head to toe,

And look out into the vast beyond,

With two eyes watching the sun go down

On another day,

To which I can never return


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