The Misconception About Wealth


The Misconception About Wealth


The idea that

“Wealth brings happiness,”

So alluring and believable

To those who have neither

And those who want more.

So seemingly innocuous,

The simple desire for comfort and joy,

The hope for a better life,

An answer so deceptively plain.


It is an idea that captivates

The hearts of many,

Singing in the dreams of the needy,

Sliding from the slippery tongues

Of con-men and hucksters,

A lie dangling

In the empty promises of tyrants.


A noxious weed

That when allowed to grow

Becomes a monstrous preoccupation,

Addictive as any drug,

An acquisitive desire beyond reason,

A ravenous thirst

That cannot be quenched.


“It is the engine,” they tell us,

“The beneficial obsession

That drives all commerce and industry.

The ambition by which

All great things are accomplished,

Through which one gains

The respect and love of others,

By which any man

Can become a king.”


And yet,

It is this very seedy thought

Which causes so much

Pain and suffering and despair.

The idea that leads so many

Down a crooked path

Giving over to cheating, trickery,

Thievery and conquest,

Yes, even murder

And the blind disregard

Of those knocked aside or used

In the rush of their onslaught.


In the madness of blind desire,

The terrible lies blossom,

That I, and not you

Should have it all,

The mistaken belief

That love and kindness

Are attributes of the weak,

Losers all, for which there is no hope,

Lazy, un-ambitious, ineffective,

Worthless and unrealistic wimps,

Annihilating once and for all,

The virtue of empathy,

Thinking it

Just a useless and foolish emotion.


But at the end of the game,

Wealth does not bring happiness.

The desire for wealth, in fact,

Displaces happiness altogether.

It becomes a selfish and self-destructive want

Leading only to isolation from others,

Breeding waste, mistrust,

Disrespect and fear.

Self-satisfaction, pride, possessions

And self aggrandizement

Are just lonely consolation prizes,

Hollow and empty vessels

That hold no joy or happiness

In themselves.


The true nature of our universe

Is that all things depend on one another,

Each supporting the other

In a chain of life,

Each act affecting all others.

It is only through love,

Friendship, kindness and sharing

That true happiness

Can be nurtured.


To learn when is enough,

Co-operating and working together

And helping others

To achieve the impossible dream

Of a better world.

A hope in which all

Can become happy and prosper,

And in which

All can be wealthy.


For love and happiness

Are the true wealth.


Ask anyone who has neither.


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