Walking on the Beach


Walking on the Beach


Billions of grains of sand

Washed upon the shore,

Stranded in an expanse of time

So vast,

It is beyond our comprehension.

Shaping my footsteps

For brief moments,

As I walk,

Listening to the endless

Cycles of waves,

Watching sea birds

Turn and dive

Beneath the passing sun

Into the sparkling sea.


What draws us to these places

So exquisitely desolate and beautiful?

Do we come here to touch eternity?

To ponder our brief existence

As we watch our footprints vanish,

Already forgotten as the wave retreats,

And each nameless grain of sand

Returns to it´s

Solitary obscurity?


Until all is gone

And I hear only the drum

As my beating heart and

The sound of the waves

Become one,

Dreaming only of you,

And I.


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