The Fragility of Skin


The Fragility of Skin

The ingenious coverings of living things

Reflecting the light

In a thousand textures and colors

The shells of beingness

Found on the strand

Some hard, some soft

Some smooth and others coarse and thick

And then our own

With the delicate sensuousness of a dewy peach

Separating me from you

And you from me

A porous and permeable membrane

Soft enough for movement

And thin enough to allow the most tender touch

And the most searing pain

The fragile container of our being

Which both protects and inhibits us

The fine line between life and death

Meant to keep us whole

From our birth to our demise

Thin as the flimsiest of paper

A translucent barrier

It´s colors all beautiful

So easily broken and torn

How profoundly it can be damaged

How wondrously it heals

How insistently we defy the cut, so personal,

That which pierces the illusion of our singularity

And denies us oneness with our beloved

Children, lovers, friends and heros

I ask,

How can I truly know you?


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