Ormazd´s Big Bash or the Farce of Life – Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Ormazd looked adoringly over his right hand at Marilyn.  She had fallen asleep after they had made love.  She was tired and had fallen asleep.  They had been busy makin´ preparations for the big bash all day.

He had no particular dislike of monks in general.  In fact, he loved them as much as he loved everyone else.  They were mostly just humble and confused people who were trying who were tryin´ to figure it all out, but this presumptive little shit he´d left the invitation for was way over the top.  “Does he really think I´d prefere him over Marilyn Monroe?  What an ego!”

He smiled as he watched her snooze.  She bore little resemblance today to the woman that had born his son, depicted so many times in icons and paintings and sculpture by the old masters of the past.

These days he insisted that she adhere to a strict regimen of birth control.  Neither of them wanted any more sons runnin´ around gettin´ themselves crucified.

He had tried to warn the boy.  “They´re just too damn mean yet.  Give `em a while.  If you go now, you´ll only find a few that will listen to what you have to say about love and kindness and you´ll just get those folks in trouble with the others.”

“But someone needs to plant the seed!” he´d argued.

“There are already people out there practicing love and kindness quietly in their own way.  I put the seed in their DNA a long time ago.”

“Then someone needs to point the way!” he insisted.

“Hell,” Ormazd repliedm “When the time comes there´ll be plenty of signs.  All that mean crap they´re doin´ to each other and their planet down  there will seem so stupid, they won´t be able to turn around without trippin´ over one.  You can´t speed up evolution.  It only happens when there´s the greatest need, when their survival depends on it.  When they reach the brink of their own self destruction, they´ll either get it or perish.”

But the boy was headstrong and wouldn´t listen, so he went down there anyway.  Just as another son, the one they called Buddha, the enlightened one had gone and others before him.  They went full of the compassion and idealistic fervor of youth.  “They never listen,” Ormazd thought.  He supposed he had been the same way when he was young, but that was so many eons ago, it was hard to remember.


All in all, the little monk wasn´t all that bad.  He and Marilyn had debated whether to send him an invitation at all.  At least the little guy confined most of his self degredation to himself.  It had never occurred to him that life was meant to be enjoyed in love and communion with others; and it never would, as long as he stayed in that damned cave of a monastery.  Omazd had given the Abbot his response to the anouncement of the kid´s `vision´ in hopes of gettin´ him outta there and off his self-denial kick.

It was always fear that blinded people from the truth about what they really needed.  He was deathly afraid of being rejected by his imaginary and separate god.  The C.I.U. had never been separate from his creation.  In fact, he was still creating it; he´d never finished.  “Hell,”  he thought, “I´ve never rejected anyone no matter how bad their behavior was of how they defied their own self interests.  I favor them all!”

The little monk needed to open up and live a little, make some friends, love others and be loved in return, instead of becomin´ an isolated, pious, pompus, perfectionist, self important little prune driven by fear and guilt.  That would never cut the mustard.  “Sheesh!”  That´s why he had decided to give him the invitation.  The C.I.U. himself loved a good party!


Ormazd look down on Marilyn layin´ beside him, asleep. “Gawd how I love her!” he thought.  She had left him once to persue a dicey affair with that rakish rascal, Jack Kennedy.  He´d never blamed her and she´d never regretted it.  Jack had refused to divorce Jackie and it´d broken her heart.  It was the love of his humanness and all it´s foibles that had gotten her into the situation.  The C.I.U. had had a fling or two himself.  In creating humans, he had become, in a way, human himself and was evolving right along with them.  These affairs seldom worked out and generally, they only caused a lot of anger and hurt all around.  Such were the lessons of live.

There was never really any need for forgiveness or appologies.  She was part him and he, her.  She was the yin to his yang.  They were one and always would be, whether together or apart.

Actually, he´d really liked the young man and despite rumors to the contrary, he´d had nothing to do with his assassination.

He was not a vengeful God.


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